Rabu, 12 Juni 2013

I'm baaack!

Oh hi!

Finally I'm back on blog yaaayy.

Haha I almost lost this blog when I thought I forgot the password and even more, I forgot the email too. pfft. Fortunately, I....still remember the alternate email, so I change the pass and doing some stuff bout recovery etc etc and theen got my blog back! fiuh.

Well hello fellas, the last time I updating this blog was on Nov 2012 lol. Yeah and I still guessing to do some editing and change to this blog.

This blog is way too GIRLY. Owyea.

I dunno what I was thinking when this "Princess De Beule" thingy came up on my mind. No, I am not a wannabe princess haha that's just silly. Maybe a lil touch of pastel or tiffany blue will be perfect. 

I've grown up? maybe. Mature? Amen! kkk~~
The point is that i'm gonna re-design this blog. 


Salam Princess  -__-

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