Senin, 06 Februari 2012

Teresa Palmer, Kristen Stewart Look Alike! :D

Teresa Palmer & Kristen Stewart
Readers? Can you see them? They're look like twins! 
I first look Teresa in a movie I watched named "The Sorcerer Apprentice". She starred as Becky Barnes in that movie. The first time I thought was..."She's sooo beautiful!!" and the second time I thought that "Hey, she's look like Kristen Stewart! Is that really" her?" But I know she's not Kristen, because I see a little difference within them. Such, Teresa face shapes is more ovals than Kristen. And she's also a little bit doesn't like Kristen when she's cheers :p. Yeah, you must know Kristen Stewart, the famous Bella on "Twilight" movie. I don't know why their faces is really the same. But I like them all! Teresa is so much beautiful girl! and Kristen too ^_^ I Looove them both! 
This is Their Photos♥ 

Teresa Palmer

Kristen Stewart

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